Monday, 28 April 2014

Dog Hospital- Let your dog lead a healthy life

The charm to get a pet for your home is hard to resist but taking care of poet has never been an easy task. It is not a child’s game to bring a pup or kitten at your home for few days and then forget about it. Once you bring a pet to your home, you automatically become the guardian of your pet and it becomes your responsibility to take of your pet. Pets too have physical need, emotional need and safety needs; and all these needs will be managed by their human companion. Spend quality time with your pets and lead a happy and stress-free life.

Bring your little pet to affordable pet hospital, where they can be examined by the team of experts. The best thing about organized hospitals are here you don’t have to move from one place to another for different medical service all medical services are available under one roof. Whether you have brought your pup for vaccination or for the ear surgery, the hospital has resource to manage the medical related matters effectively and efficiently. 

The hospital not only offer medical service and treatment, but there one can also avail services like boarding, laboratory test,microchiping, prescribed food, parasite control and digital; x-ray as well.
Book your appointment, bring your dog for the consultation and let your fur baby lead a healthy life under the guidance of expert veterinary doctor.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Affordable cat and dog hospital: taking care of the pets

The Affordable cat and dog hospital helps to protect the pets from injuries and disease in an impeccable manner. To start with an online form has to be filled by the pet’s owner to provide complete information about the cat or the dog to be treated by the doctor. Some of the vital fields are the name of the pet, breed, age and gender.  In addition to the aforesaid data, one must also enumerate symptoms that might be affecting the animal. Cat and Dog’s vaccination history would assist the veterinary professional to administer the medicines without any hassles. 

Cat clinic aurora is known to provide top of the line services to the patients. Laboratory and blood test are conducted periodically to find out various disorders affecting the functionality of the body. Blood chemistry panels offer useful information on the overall health of the internal organs of the pet.  There are specially designed wellness programs that can extend the longevity of the cat.  Like in human, early diagnosis is crucial to control the spread of the disease. 

Once the problem is identified, surgery is conducted by efficient doctors to remove the lump or any other abnormality in the body.  Initially anesthesia is conducted to block the pain sensation and induce muscle relaxation before the operation.  During the session, blood tests are carried out to check the functioning of liver, kidney and electrolyte. Owners are advised to follow pre surgical instructions which include not feeding the cat for 8-12 hours before the surgery.